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Imperfection in Animation by Tom Gasek

Films like 'Corpse Bride' keep puppet animation alive by Jim Beckerman

Bride Stripped Bare by Robin Rowe

Hinge Jointed Armature for T-Rex Dino (poor man's methods!) by Douglas Borton

Rubberizing Fur for Stop Motion Puppets - Similar to 'classic' Joe Young Fur technique

Poor Man's Armature using pliers, wires, tubing, washers, etc. / Reprint from SMA.com

Nick Hilligoss' Ogre-Elf puppet Creation: 1)
Wire Armature 2) Foam Body Build-up

Dinosaurs: from the Inside-Out
by Kenneth Brilliant

Soft Sculpting Puppet Build-up Fabrication by LIO

Ray Harryhausen: The Early Years Collection by LIO (interview & commentary)

Animated Kids by Wendy Jackson

Foam Latex Injection Gun by David Schlatter

Stop Motion Animated Camera Movements by LIO

Stop Motion Camera Dolly by Brad Whitcomb

Different Clay Properties as related to Stop Motion use by Mike Brent & LIO

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