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As I mentioned elsewhere on this site, in the past I was not able to photograph or document all my work and especially, the Molding Process; however, I did find in my archives, some photos documenting a small dinosaur sculpture that I molded a long time ago and it shows only some (not all) of the steps in molding. I have done numerous moldmaking jobs, but I found no need to photograph every individual step (the methods are in my memory ! ).

There are many ways to make animation puppets and some methods do not require Molding. At this time, I will just very briefly introduce you to one of the ways to make a puppet: You first sculpt your puppet character in oil based clay (known as plasticene); then you make a multi-piece mold of the sculpture, using a highly refined plaster called Ultra-Cal 30 Gypsum Cement (there are other brands of similar gypsum products); after molding, the clay and armature is removed from the mold; the mold is then dried in an oven to remove the excess moisture; the armature is placed inside the mold; then you mix the foam latex rubber and inject it into the mold and then cook the foam rubber to cure it. There are much more details that I have not included in my above description and in the photos, but like the site title says, "Molding Overview" and this is not a college course!











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