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LOOK AT ALL THESE SUPPLIERS! Soooo easy for you spoiled people of Internet generation. In old days it was struggle to locate suppliers, products, techniques, etc. Just add your Skills, Talent, Creativity, and Passion; and there should be NO EXCUSES. WE CAN KEEP STOP MOTION ALIVE !

This section/page is a work in progress. Additional resources/links will be listed, when found. Not organized yet, no particular order, and just mostly at random. You will have to do some mouse-clicking BUT do not complain or whine! Stop Motion Works is giving you a starting point and leads. The least you can do, is put a little effort & sweat in your searching. Your search discoveries will be more meaningful to you, because you Earned It. At each link, look around and see the OTHER products that they carry. Some do not have an online catalog and you will need to contact them. All vendors, companies, etc. listed here for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible to investigate and contact them before you place orders and before you send them any money. All listings belows are hot linked and you can click on them.

USA (also, might ship Internationally)

US Gypsum Co. Distributors & 2
Ultra-Cal Hard Stone & many Gypsum hard molding stone products

Michael Davy Foam & 2
3 Part Foam Latex. You are paying for user friendly mixing of parts

GM Foam Latex
4 Part Foam Latex. Uses Creamed Rubber base

MonsterMakers Foam Latex
4 Part Foam Latex. Uses High Solids Rubber base

Burman Foam Latex & 2
4 Part Foam Latex. I don't know what rubber base they use

Duchess Art Products: Foam Coat
Pre-mixed ready to go, Foam Latex Rubber Paints

DIY Foam Latex Injector
Big syring type. Not easy method to fill molds. Takes practice.

Small Parts Inc.
SS balls, metals, silver braze, screws, armature wire, etc

McMaster Carr
SS balls, metals, silver braze, screws, armature wire, etc

Freeman Supply
All things of casting, molding, foundry supplies, prototyping, etc.

Liberty Brass
All manner of Brass balls with holes or threaded

Hot Foam Factory
Cutting tools for hard type foam, for making props, scenery, hills, etc.

Track Lighting low voltage
Cost effective alternative using home lighting fixtures/lamps

K&J Magnetics
Many uses, tie-downs, replacement animation, etc.

Set Shop
Photoraphic Equipment & Supplies

WM Berg
Miniature precision mechanical components

Art Stuff
Serious supplier of molding, sculpting, armature wire, etc.

Tape & Film Superstore
Video tape, blank CDs, Dvds, etc. and also Movie Film

Pre-made Armature kits and parts

Premiere Lighting
Lighting equipment & supplies for Live Action, but take a look

Athletic Foam Wrap
Puppet build-up technique: Super thin for delicate areas

DIY StopMo Cam Dolly
Poor Man's / Home Brew Camera Mover

Sculpture House
Equipment, supplies, & materials for fine arts sculptors

Alcone Company
Make-up, prosthetics, GM Foam, crepe hair, theater supplies, etc.

Special FX Supply
Friendly personalized supplier. Carries GM Foam and lots of other stuff

Tap Plastics
Plastic materials, epoxies, molding latex, etc.

Custom made eyes for entertainment, special effects, education, etc.
Van Aken Clay
Godfather of Plastalina in US, also Claytoon, polymer clays, etc

Gauss Boys
Magnets: Many uses, tie-downs, replacement animation, etc.

Dick Blick Art
All things arts. crafts, paints, Van Aken products, etc.

Compleat Sculptor
Equipment, supplies, & materials for fine arts sculptors

Super 8 & 16mm affordable silent film transfers to digital format

Pros-Aide ©
The wonder adhesive for Special FX. Lists International sellers

Mr. Art
All things arts. crafts, paints, Van Aken products, armature wire, etc.

BJB Enterprises
Molding & Casting: Silicones, resins, urethanes, etc.

JK Camera/Meritex
Bolex Film Cameras. Super8 & 16mm film to digital transfer set-ups

The Small Tools Specialists

Stay-Brite Silver Solder
Low Heat kind for light to moderate armature use

Polyurethanes, silicones, resins, dragonskin, etc.

Online Metals
Convenient for small quantity metal orders

Molding & Casting: Silicones, resins, urethanes, etc.

Rio Grande
60 years in Jewelry makers supply business

Speedy Metals
All kinds of metals online. No minimum orders

Puppet Build-up: Polyurethane foam in 1lb & 1.6lb densities

Stock Drive Products
Precision gears, belts, chains, (motion control, breathing devices?)

EEFX Screens
Hi-tech Green/Blue Screen, very even reflection

Harbor Freight Tools
Big supplier of low cost imported tools & equipment

BITY Mold Supply
Friendly & personaized Molding & Casting matierials suppliers

Donjer Products
FLOCKing material and supplies

Wholesale Colors
Interesting: Raw colorants, beeswax, and other stuff

Cementex Latex Corp
Natural Latex products, polyurethanes, silicones, molding/casting

Quilting Warehouse
Puppet Build-up: Foam rolls & foam chair pads. Reg. & High density

Hobby & Craft Flocking and Supplies


Mouse pointer over supplier's website link will pop-up a brief description. If no suppliers or specific products in your country, you can check other suppliers in nearby countries and maybe purchase in EURO dollars.

UK / England: -Mould Life - Jacobson Chemicals - All Pac - CSF Fiberglass & Craft - Polymer Clay Pit
Alec Tiranti Ltd. - Sherman Labs - Newplast Modeling compound - Folkstone Engineering - CuP Alloys

Model Engineering Suppliers - Milton Keynes Metals - 4D Model Shop - Screen Face - Flair Plasticine

B & M Latex Upholstery - AnimationSupplies.net - Foam Cut to Size - Flints Theatrical

France: -Pascal Rosier & 2 - Espirit Composite - Artificina - La Boutique de Moulage - Passion Ceramique

La Boutique Paris-Berlin - Skeletoon

Germany: -Stop-Mo-Tec - KauPo - Austria:- Blond & Braun ---Belgium:- Animation Supplies ---Amsterdam: -Form FX

Spain:- Form FX España - Gótic Maquillajes - Jovi Modeling Clay-- Argentina: -FX.Com.Ar

Australia:- Barnes - Webcam Lens Adapters - Solid Solutions - Badger Wire - Haines Education - Over the Rainbow

Peter's Metalwork Suppliers Links - Arms Model IT - Nano Lab - Stop MotionMaker HDMI

Mexico: -FX Factory - El Global Bambalinas - Poliformas Plásticas - Artist City - Tienda Dental Online

New Zealand: -Top Mark -- Sweden: _Mapont & Co. - Japan: CEC Online

Canada: -Dani's Cosplay Supplies - FuseFX - Sculpture Supply Canada - Fiber-Tek


LIO Random Tips

Gypsum Molding Materials: If you cannot find Ultra-Cal 30 Stone outside USA, I hear that a brand called Crystacal R (in the UK) may be substituted. Other option: Internationally-worldwide, every major city has Dental Supply companies. You can use Dental Stone (not plaster) which have different names from dental suppliers; the Stone with the least expansion of about .07% or less. Also, do not get Dental Stone fortified with resin. I do not know how that re-acts to baking & foam rubber latex. Just use the harder density, dental gypsum stones.

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