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I have had some requests to show some close-up photos of different parts of an armature. Long time ago, in my crude efforts to learn about animation armatures, finding clear and sharp photos was almost an impossiblity....the photos were very few and they were never good close-up shots.....I always had to get my magnifying lens and make a feeble attempt to study the inadequate photos of the armatures.

Included here, are some close-up images of a generic human male armature using basic ball and socket joints. The size of the armature is close to 12 inches tall. The joints were fully machined on a milling machine. To custom make only "one" armature with these type of joints is unfortunately, not usually within the cost range of a stop motion hobbyist or beginner. On professional projects, if the budget & schedule allows, I would send-out / use a specialty machine shop, to mass produce some of the armature parts (using my ball joint schematics / designs), but this can also be expensive. After I receive the armature parts from the machine shop, I still have to modify or customize the joints & other parts, assemble, braze and fine tune the armatures. It is often more cost-effective to make several armatures at once. Anyway, for all you self-motivated gadgeteers / tinkerers, stop motion aficianados, or if you are just curious.....let us explore in detail, the intimate parts of these articulated metal creations.

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