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Imperfection in Animation by Tom Gasek

Films like 'Corpse Bride' keep puppet animation alive by Jim Beckerman

Bride Stripped Bare by Robin Rowe

Hinge Jointed Armature for T-Rex Dino (poor man's methods!) by Douglas Borton

Rubberizing Fur for Stop Motion Puppets - Similar to 'classic' Joe Young Fur technique

Poor Man's Armature using pliers, wires, tubing, washers, etc. / Reprint from SMA.com

Nick Hilligoss' Ogre-Elf puppet Creation: 1) Wire Armature 2) Foam Body Build-up

Dinosaurs: from the Inside-Out by Kenneth Brilliant

Soft Sculpting Puppet Build-up Fabrication by LIO

Ray Harryhausen: The Early Years Collection by LIO (interview & commentary)

Willis O'Brien's GWANGI Armature? by LIO

Animated Kids by Wendy Jackson

Foam Latex Injection Gun LIO reprint

Foam Latex & Stop Motion Puppets by LIO

Stop Motion Animated Camera Movements by LIO

Stop Motion Camera Dolly LIO reprint

Different Clay Properties as related to Stop Motion use by Mike Brent & LIO





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