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As stated before in the Work-Shop page, there is very little written documentation about the how-to technical aspects of Stop Motion Animation. You have to research other fields, crafts & disciplines and then adapt or modify those other techniques for use in Stop Motion.

Of course, you might have some options: You can attempt to locate universities, courses / seminars, or art / trade schools that will hopefully teach you everything, OR, you can try to apprentice at a studio ( if they still do stop motion ) or with a mentor, which is the most ideal way to learn; however these options seem almost impossible today. Consider this; if you compared the total tuition expenses of college or specialty training, with the cost of ALL the books listed here, and if you diligently applied yourself with motivation and persistence; you could probably teach yourself, and you might save a substantial amount of money (compared to education tuition).

I do not have all these books in my personal library. I have browsed some of the books at bookstores, public / school libraries, hobby & crafts stores; and I have read the publishers descriptions and some of the book reviews. You are responsible for your book purchases. If listed at the book links, read the editorial & customer book reviews. Again, I attempted to list books that could relate to Stop Motion; but just learning a few tricks or tips from a book is maybe worth the purchase. This Library list will be changed or updated as needed, so be sure to bookmark Stop Motion Works and come back often. At the time this book list was posted, they were "in print", however, some books will go "out of print" and might become rare. Amazon Marketplace sometimes offers used books or try Half.com. So, if book is available and you can afford them, I suggest you get the books Now, to start your own reference library. Click on Links to jump to page section on specific books.

Book - Art of Stop Motion Animation
The Art of  Stop Motion Animation
Book - Advanced Art of Stop Motion Animation
Advanced Art of Stop Motion Animation
Book - Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation
Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation
Book - Cracking Animation: Aardman Book 3D Animation
Cracking Animation: Aardman book of  3D Animation
Book - Beginners Guide to Animation (stop motion)
Beginner's  Guide to Animation (Stop Motion)

Book - Basics Animation: Stop Motion
Basics Animation: Stop Motion

Booi - Stop Motion: Passion, Process, & Performance
Stop Motion: Passion Process & Performance

Book - Animating with Stop Motion Pro
Animating with Stop Motion Pro

Book - Klutz book: Make your own Stop Motion movies
Klutz book: Make your own Stop Motion Movies

Book - Animator's Survival Kit: Animation Principles
Animator's Survival Kit (Principles & Timing)

Book - Nightmare Before Christmas: Film, Art, & Vision
Nightmare Before Christmas:  Film, Art, & Vision

Book - Chicken Run: Hatching the Movie
Chicken Run: Hatching the Movie



Book - Corpse Bride: Invitation to the Wedding
Corpse Bride: Invitation to the Wedding

Book - Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Making of  'Fantastic  Mr. Fox'



Books & Products available from:

Drawing & Anatomy | Sculpting | Puppets | Mold-Making & Foam | Models & Miniatures
Metal Working | Animation | Special Effects | Cinematography / Videography | General & Animation Related


Drawing & Anatomy

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards
Keys to Drawing, by Bert Dodson
Thinking with a Pencil, by Henning Nelms
Dynamic Anatomy, by Burne Hogarth
Drawing the Human Head, by Burne Hogarth
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, by Stan Lee & John Buscema
Exploring Storyboarding (other similar books but carefully read reviews)
Nature Drawing: A Tool for Learning, by Clare Walker Leslie
ILLustrating Nature: How to Paint / Draw Plants and Animals, by Dorothy Barlowe & Sy Barlowe
Scientific ILLustration: Guide to Biological, Zoological, & Medical Rendering Techniques, by Phyllis Wood
Animal Drawing: Anatomy & Action for Artists, by Charles R. Knight

Note: If you want reference books to study the Anatomy of animals, insects, birds, fishes, etc.; just go to the Amazon site and do a book search; you will be amazed at the number of books about that particular species / life form. Also, there are many books on Human Anatomy drawing; too many to list here.

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Sculpture: Principles & Practice, by Louis Slobodkin
Modeling the Head in Clay by B. Lucchesi & M. Malmstrom
Modeling a Likeness in Clay, by Daisy Grubbs
Sculpting in Clay, by Dale Power
Family and Friends in Polymer Clay, by Maureen Carlson
Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine
Hands on Sculpting, Dottie Erdmann
Sculpting Dolls in Super Sculpey, by Cheryl Reillo
Doll Sculpting, Lewis Goldstein
How to Make Clay Characters, by Maureen Carlson
Creating Life-like Animals in Polymer Clay, by Katerine Dewey
Dinosaur Sculpting, by Allen A. Debus

Note: Sculpey, Super Sculpey, and Fimo are trade / propriertary names for "Polymer Clay". If you are using the molding & foam casting method to create your Stop Motion animation puppets, you would sculpt your puppets in Plasticene (oil based clay) and not polymer clays. I list these books that use polymer clays, because they give you tips & principles applicable to general sculpting.

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Puppets: Methods and Materials, by Cedric Flower & Alan Fortney
The Complete Book of Doll Making, by Pamela Beak
Designing the Doll: From Concept to Construction, by Susanna Oroyan
Fantastic Figures: Ideas & Tecniques Using New Clays, by Susanna Oroyan
Anatomy of a Doll: The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook, by Susanna Oroyan
The Foam Book: An Easy Guide to Building Polyfoam Puppets, by Drew Allison & Donald Devet
Hats in Miniature, by Lyn Waring
Alternative puppet build-up maybe worth experimenting ... links ...
1 & 2

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Mold-Making & Foam

Mold Making for the Original Doll by Ralph & Mary Gonzales
Do it Yourself ! Foam Latex Puppet Making 101 Vid & here, by Zung Studio
Monster Makers Foam Latex Instructions
Mould-life Foam Latex Guide
The Prop Builders Mask-Making Handbook, by Thurston James
The Prop Builders Molding & Casting Handbook, by Thurston James
How to Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts, by William A. Cannon
Mold Making, Casting & Patina: For the Student Sculptor, by B. Barrie

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Models & Miniatures

How to Build Dioramas, by Sheperd Paine
Professional Modelmaking: Handbook of Techniques & Materials, by Norman Trudeau
Architectural Model: Construction Techniques, by Wolfgang Knoll
The Encyclopedia of Modelmaking Techniques, by C. Payne
Model Making: A Basic Guide, by Martha Sutherland
Designing with Models: Guide to Making & Using Architectural Design Models, by Criss B. Mills
How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery, by Dave Frary
Scenery for Model Railroads Dioramas & Miniatures, by Robert Schleicher
Building City Scenery for Model Railroad, by John Pryke
303 Tips for Detailing Model Railroad Scenery & Structures, by Dave Frary & Bob Hayden
Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles: Guide to Designing & Building, by Bob Hayden
Making Doll House Miniatures with Polymer Clay, by Sue Heaser
Building and Painting Model Dinosaurs, by Ray Rimell

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Metal Working

Tabletop Machining by Joe Martin
Blueprint Reading Basics, by Warren Hammer
Stop-Motion Armature Machining, by Tom Brierton

 Trans-Atlantic Publishing - Amazon has some of their books:
Adhesive and Sealants
by David Lammas
Measuring and Marking Metals, by Ivan Law
Sheetmetal Work, by R.E. Wakeford
Soldering and Brazing, by Tubal Cain
Basic Benchwork, by Les Oldridge
Vertical Milling in the Home Workshop, by Arnold Throp
The Amateur's Lathe, by L.H. Sparey

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The Animator's Survival Kit, by Richard Williams
The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnson
Timing for Animation, by Whitaker & Halas
Animation Book: Guide to Animated Filmmaking, by Kit Laybourne
Cartoon Animation, by Preston Blair
Creating 3-D Animation: The Aardman Book of Filmmaking, by Peter Lord & Brian Sibley
Frame by Frame Stop Motion: Non-Puppet photo animation methods, by Tom Gasek
Quadruped (4 legged) Locomotion - video
BBC MOTION GALLERY - Excellent resource of short videos for motion study
Example - Cheetah Running


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Special Effects

With the internet much wider scope of information available about special effects. Special effects can many times be organic with no specific methods ... it depends on the desired special effect. In this area, books perhaps not the ideal way to learn. Search the internet ... some examples:

DIY (home-made) Special Effects

Special Effects with Miniatures & Models

Forced Perspective In-Camera Photography Tricks


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Cinematography / Videography

At this time, this subject is beyond the scope of Stop Motion Works. Too many cameras
from basic to complex. For now ... do research on Internet, groups, messageboards. There are
simple ways to shoot stop motion such as using your smart phones with stop motion apps.


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General & Animation Related

Nothing posted here .... go to Animation




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