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Bolex SBM 16mm cinema camera

Metal, clay, plaster, rubber, and paint....then from the soul & life force within, the animator's hand deftly manipulates this rubber covered jointed skeleton, one-frame-at-a-time....it eerily moves, breathes, and surreally lives....King Kong, The Cyclops, Jack Skellington .... it seems so simple compared to our hi-tech computerized world, but still so wondrous & magical .....


The Art & Craft of Stop Motion Animation

Surface Guage .... used to measure puppet movements

The Art of
Stop-Motion Animation

The Art of
Ray Harryhausen

Stop Motion: Craft Skills for
Model Animation

Aardman's Creating 3D

Survival Kit

The Art of
Wallace & Gromit

Corpse Bride: Invitation to Wedding

Nightmare Before Xmas

Ray Harryhausen
An Animated Life

Stop Motion Works News

Ray Harryhausen
Early Years DVD



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