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I have fabricated many armatures over the years but unfortunately I was not able to record every project with a camera. Deadline schedules were usually, very incredibly short and there was no time at all to properly photograph my work. For instance, I did not take any pictures of the many animation armatures / puppets for Will Vinton Studio's, The PJ's ; did not take any photographs of the armatures I made for Tippett Studio's poseable dinosaur armatures for Jurassic Park dinosaurs; no photos of Galaxis armature / puppet; and other armatures & projects that I did not capture with my camera. Also, there are some armatures that I cannot show at this time. I regret my lazy attitude about not doing better documentation of my work and of course, I never thought that I would some day try this little experimental web site, on the subject of Stop Motion Animation.

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The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe initial objective was, for me to produce about 2 duplicate armatures a week (very optimistic); I had to design, make schematics, then painstakenly fit the armatures to the molds (not the preferable method); the schedule was very rushed. For each puppet character, I constructed anywhere, from 2 to 6 duplicate armatures. Some armatures were fully jointed and some of the arm-hand appendages were wires because joints would not fit. Other armatures, were some combination of joints & wires. Again, I did not photograph all the armatures. Just to remind you, these armatures were for the background puppets. The notable armature maker, Tom St. Amand & his crew fabricated the armatures for the main puppet characters.

Accordian PlayerBass Player

Melting ManWinged Demon


Mother CorpseFather Corpse

Pink BunnyBehemoth

Hanging Tree

Under Sea Gal



Bump in the NightI was responsible for designing & constructing the jointed armatures for one of the three main puppet characters called Squishington. Also, I fabricated armature spare parts, some puppet rod mounting rigs and accessories. Into the production, they needed more quantities of Squishys and they decided not to continue with the fully jointed Squishy armatures & switch to a simpler Plug-in Wire Armature System, that is, if any wire appendage broke on the Squishy puppets, the wires could easily be replaced via a clamping system that fastened the wires to the armature torso or hip blocks. I did not get a chance to photograph the wire armature version. So, I only have a few images of just the Squishy jointed armatures. I think, I made about 8 fully jointed duplicate armatures for that one puppet character & all the rest were wire armature designs..


As I mentioned before, the armature representation of the Warrior bug was not covered with any rubber skin; when you view the images, it resembles a cyStarship Troopersborg-like mechanical version of the insect creature. When Phil Tippett was intially hiring some of the crew that would be animating on the Starship Troopers project, he had an open audition call for anyone who had the fortitude to manipulate this multi-appendaged monstrosity; even I was intimidated by my own articulated creation, and so, I declined to take the stop motion animation examination.


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