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Studios: You have Stop Motion project? Looking for people?

Damon Bard : Character Design & Sculpture (Animation & FX) Link 1 - 2

Kid Beyond : Singer/Songwriter, BeatBoxer Extraordinaire 1

Andrea Caro : Music for Film, TV, Animation 1 2 3

Webster Colcord : Animator, Director

Bob Deaver : Animator, Design

Teresa Drilling : Animator, Director, other links 1 - 2

Michael Eder : Grip, Producer, Director

Joel Fletcher : Animator, Sculptor

Tom Gibbons : Animator, Director

Jason Gottlieb : Animator, Editing

Nick Hilligoss : Animator, Puppets, Director, Producer

Misha Klein : Animator, Director

Jurgen Kling : Animator, Puppets, Producer, Director

Andre Masters : Model Maker, Puppets, Design/Fabrication
Tony McVey: Character Design, Sculptor, Puppets

Tony Merrithew : Animator, Sculptor

Parenti Music: 30 years experience including TV works

Justin Rasch : Animator, Sculptor, Producer/Director

Lionel Ivan Orozco : Puppet Design/Fabrication, Consultation

Stelios Polychronakis : Set Design, Concept Art

Barry JC Purves : Animator, Director, Producer

Anthony Scott : Animator, Director

Matthew Somma: Director, Animator

Tracey Snelling : Miniature House Sculptures, Model Maker, other links 1 - 2
Kate Stransky : Miniature, puppets, models, fine artist

Tom Sullivan : Character Design, Illustrator

Richard Svensson : Animator, Puppets

John Wright : Models, Sets, Puppets, Props


Stop Motion Skillsets

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Yeah ... you hear this from other websites and they never update. I also
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