Only Some Of The Obvious Advantages
Attainable through a
Good Clean Brisk Thorough


Better Hygiene

Provide a clean and germ free environment for your fellow American. Do you enjoy finding HAIR in your food at restaurants, especially at fast food chains....on your hamburgers, salads, floating in your soup etc.? Don't you think that is pretty disgusting?

Be considerate of others and they will be considerate of you.



Household Budgeting / Energy Savings

Imagine all the money saved if all the world Shaved! Imagine the marked decrease in hot water consumption leading toward an ideal of natural gas conservation. Soaring electric bills caused by the use of trivial appliances such as the blow dryer and the curling iron would decline toward a more moderate, appreciative, and affordable level. The USA, is one of the most wealthy nations in the world and unbelievably, we are starting to experience an energy shortage. Are you guilty for not doing your part? What about plumbing repair costs? Have you ever seen the slimey-sludge of hair clumps that builds-up in your bathroom & shower drain pipes and then, you use those caustic drain cleaners? For further savings, the need for costly items such as shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, dyes and colorings, hair sprays, hair dryers, combs, and brushes would be non-existent. The expense for hair care would be equal to that of the cost of a can of "Shaving Gel and a Razor ".


Improved Aerodynamics

Those involved in sporting activities can truly appreciate this aspect of a good clean thorough head shaving. Highly competitive individuals constantly seek that winning edge. The razor blade provides a sharp one! Lack of hair equals less wind resistance and less water resistance. In speed oriented sports, a shaved head can easily mean the difference between winning and losing.

Don't be a loser, SHAVE YOUR HEAD !

Career Opportunities

It is a well known fact that in corporate America, promotional opportunities only present themselves to those who play golf and those who are well groomed. Part of being well groomed is a clean respectable haircut. The Shaved Head is the "cleanest" look! Michael Jordan, Joe Rogan, Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse Ventura, Mr. Clean, and also, many regular people with shaved, slick, sharp and you will be noticed ! With a shaved head, other successful people know that you value your precious time on the important things in "Life". During an average person's lifespan, how many thousands of hours do you spend being preoccupied & obsessed with "Your Hair"? A shaved head only requires minimal daily maintenance.

SHAVE YOUR HEAD ! and be on the Fast Track to climbing the company ladder !

Save The Ozone Layer

Help stop our precious environment from spiraling down the tubes. Think of the vast number of people in the modern world who selfishly waste hot water each and every day to wash their hair. All these gallons of hot water are ultimately the result of burning natural gas, fuel oil, and coal. The burning of these fossil fuels along with the needless use of hair spray is depleting our ozone layer at an alarming rate ! Also, hair spray is an extremely flammable product ! At a birthday party, I have seen candles quickly ignite the hair of a person (who uses hair spray) into a ball of bright orange fire ! If you had a shaved head, you would be completely safe from these potential hazards.

"But what can I do about this? I am only one person!" You are Thinking...the Answer is, SHAVE YOUR HEAD !

and whats more....

You can tell a friend or a co-worker to Shave their Head as well !

Make it a point to tell at least one person per day to Shave their Head, and the positive impact you will have on our precious environment and your personal life will be immeasurable ! Don't be part of the problem any longer. Be part of the solution!


For Genuine Pride And Respect

To give merely one of endless examples, look at the United States Marine Corps! The Marines are looked up too, and well respected by all of society, including people such as the President of the United States! Notice what ALL Marines have in common ....

A Cleanly Shaved Head ! Align yourself with the few, the proud, the head shaven!


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